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Name:« ★ Raynebow Muses ★ »
Location:United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
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Welcome to Raynebow Muses! An open community where you can both participate in and post memes, open logs, psls, and the like. Have you had a long night with nothing to cure the boredom? Needed to unwind, or write some no strings attached smut? Do you want to voice test a new muse? Or do you just want somewhere to play without the hassle of apping to a game? All types of memes and threads are welcome here, as long as they're properly labelled.

This is an open community where everyone is invited to participate and post. You do not need to join to reply to posts, but you do need to join if you wish to make your own posts. We are completely accepting and open-minded here, which means we are slash/femme-slash/het/everything friendly. This also means that we are AU friendly, OC friendly, anything you can think of. This also means no ship-shaming.



Have Fun. First and foremost, we're here for one reason and that's to have fun!

Be Civil. Please respect your fellow players. We understand that it's not possible for everyone to get along all of the time, but we ask that you at least be civil to your fellow players. If you have issues with someone that you cannot work out on your own, contact the mods and we'll see what we can do. We want everyone to have a good time.

IC =/= OOC. Don't turn IC conflict into OOC drama. Just because two characters are at odds in a scene, it doesn't mean one player doesn't like the other. A story needs conflict, characters don't always see eye to eye; it makes it interesting. If you are creating OOC wank you will be warned, if it continues you will be removed from the community.

No God-modding. Do not use other people in your RPs without first obtaining their permission, a brief mention is okay, but no controlling their actions. This includes maiming, injuring or killing another person’s character without permission.

Trigger Material. If a post's premise ventures into a gray area, such as NC-17 smut or extreme violence, please be sure to label it as such. Please warn for triggers if you believe the post may have the potential for disturbing content. For posts that include triggering material please put the details under a cut. Leaving the name of the meme/post title and a picture (if included) visible, so long as it's neutral, is acceptable.


[ This comm represents a non-profit roleplaying community and is not intended to be taken literally as the characters and situations portrayed. We are in no way associated with the owners of the intellectual property the characters belongs to. No copyright infringement is intended, nor do we pretend to own any part of said property, trademarks or characters. This comm may be subject to removal at the request of the real person, trademark holder, copyright owner or agent thereof. ]

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